Newlogia is a young consulting firm established in Turin by a group of professionals with extensive experience in business development and marketing of industrial products and services, both in Italy and abroad.

Newlogia promotes the market development and growth in the Italian market of patents solutions and innovative products and services developed by European research centres, start-ups and SMEs within the broad "cleantech" sector.

In addition, through an extended network of correspondents, Newlogia supports Italian SMEs and start-up to find openings in Europe for their innovative products and services.



Newlogia offers:

Focused market analysis for innovative patents, products and services.
► Marketing strategies and detailed marketing plans.
 Valorization of EU-founded research projects results. 
► Operational management of business development activities such as:

► Prospection and negotiation for the sale of patents, licenses and prototype products and processes.
► Searches for partners for production, distribution and trade in Italy and abroad.
► Local set-up and management of partnerships for sales, distribution, after-sales services and localized manufacturing in Italy.
► Direct company sales representation on the Italian market.